Saturday, December 6, 2008

Is there a real Santa Claus?

The prominent white-bearded man in red and white suit whom children and adults call Santa Claus, is a legendary figure.
His personal qualities and name were derived from an early Christian saint, name NICOLAS.
He is known to go out in disguise whenever he gives presents to children. That's why, people began to think of St. Nicolas as the giver of unexpected gifts. In 17th century , the English settles started to call him " Santa Claus.

Today is the day for St. Nicolas, it is a practice here in Germany to celebrate it by giving something to children specially in a mall, we go malling this day i have lots of crew in the mall wearing the customs of Sta. Claus. Me and my husband received also some sweet things from them they go around and greet people inside the mall.


sunny said...

At my age, I still believe in Santa! He lives in my heart...thats why i always feel a bit of a kiddo everytime it's Christmas!

Dhemz said...

Interesting post here...I still have doubt that there is really a real Santa..who knows...hehehe!

sunny said...

happy Christmas! he he he! pamasko maus,he he he!

Malou said...

maligayang pasko partner..nasaan ang gift ko? hehe

Weng F. said...

dami na ring nagcocostume a mga mall dito sa pinas.. xmas na dito eh hehe