Sunday, December 14, 2008

Be an Optimist

A word from someone had helped me shaped my attitude toward life. If our attitude are right, then our life are made right. If our heart is touched, our mind and thinking will change and our life will change for the better accordingly. Let us focus for the bright side of life and let us count our blessing specially this coming Advent. Rather than counting the misfortunes for this year let substitute the blessings that we received. If We are burdened with the load and it seems so heavy, give it to the one who really knows the inner chamber of our heart. God is concerned only with an honest heart. Think positively - and we will find the things get better, stop being sorry for our limitations instead ENJOY!


AiWY said...

Hai, nice post. Be an optimist can be make we fill confident.

Be your self by your self said...

health.. n success for u... nice blog

chubskulit said...

so true mads!