Thursday, December 11, 2008

Advent Wreath

Making an Advent wreath is a practice here in Germany as i observed they buy all the materials just to create an advent wreath as a decoration inside their house. They light the first candle during the first day of advent which i did where my mother in law is the one who influenced me and she is so eager to make our very own advent wreath. As a matter of fact she provided me all the materials that i used to. Because she has lots of old things that i can make a recycled for.

As i work in the school before i observed these also, the student make a competition to make a wonderful and giant advent wreath, they make their own design and motif. They gathered different materials from native and from expensive one. As i attended the Simbang Gabi advent wreath is still in front of the altars. This could be the symbols of Spirit of Christmas that really bring the holiday with full of joys!


Youngest said...

i make my own christmas wreath too!

sunny said...

Hi kabyan! mejo busy kaya di nkkpag blog hop! ingt po always!

Maria said...

Hello there, It's freezing here. But we need to go to the store to bu some stuff.

Anyways, miss you. You are one my list in blog love award. Take care.