Monday, December 1, 2008


One cold morning when we drive to Netherlands to visit my favorite shop there the Asian store which you could buy some Asian stuff or items from PI. not much goods from PI but I'm sure its enough compare to nothing. Usually we parked at Holland Casino for safety even though the payment is a little bit higher compare to other parking place, my husband reasons was , to pay extra 2 euro than you are crazy about a problem that you might be encountered to your car if accident can't be avoided. I agree, the parking in Holland Casino is safer place. So here is my stories when we going out in the parking place the weather is a Little bit cold and windy , as we continue walking i noticed the shine from a silver object that reflect to the sun mixing in the orange leaves lying in the ground.

Its come to my mind it is something unique so i keep focusing into it to my surprise it was a 50 euro bill , you did not notice it because the color is mixing to the orange leaves almost the same color for that money . When i grab the 50 euro bill i hesitated to take it for the first time and i told my husband so sorry for the owner maybe he/she need this money, my husband agree but he said maybe that's for us because we are the one found it or if we leave it there somebody find it too , so i took the money and keep it dried . So we continue walking with big smile in our face and say thanks GOD.. and bless the people who lost this money. We keep the money in our drawer together with the money that we are collecting.


Weng F. said...

god give you blessing. I think your hubby is right, the money is meant for you.
buti na rin pinulot mo, kasi pag hindi sa iba mapunta hehe.

Maria said...

Dear Maus, That's amazing story. Do you think how much was the equavalent of 50 euro to piso?

I just read your new comment. I am doing fine but not that great. I try to clean the washroom the other day and it reminds me again on how I lost my baby; and not easy to forget those incident. But we should be strong and move on.

Well, I am glad that you like the fish. Speaking of Fish? I actually have a new post title: " A fish story" where I read the story last week and search the headline online and the picture. Shocking story and I wanted to shared to all my readers.

Dhemz said...

wow! what a luck...hehehe...kung ako din pupunutin ko rin yun..kesa iba pa yung makakuha...hehehhe...:)

Maria said...

Dear Maus, Thanks again for your concern. Well, you can save it. That is a lot of money.

Thanks for being my friend and for the templates. I love it. Muah! I can't change the Maria Went to Chicago. I will lost a lot of my gadget. And i don't wanna start from very beginning but I updates my two blog.