Friday, March 11, 2011

News for today (EOM)

This morning when I wake up I open the television and I saw the breaking news in English channel. I though my eyes is just not wide open enough to see what happening in Japan. For everyday news I am watching through internet. Sometimes watching or reading give us more information than we dont help ourselves to learn more about happening around us. I am not a person who love to read but I obliged myself to read sometimes though it not really interesting for me. But for the people who love to read they find a peace of mind through reading. I find my peace of mind watching news instead. Or watching my first love the blue skies wrapped with stars at night. lol. Going back to reading I hope that my babies love to read in the future. I can say one of them has the potential because he love to look the photos on their baby book. He has also book on hand while sleeping. Well I still agree that reading is big factor to learn and know what would be the update today and the histories before. Especially for those students who make a research they went to different libraries like british library newspapers to research some old topics. Through libraries they found more information regarding there own topic.

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