Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Twins First Snow and Christmas

We just created a snowman just for our twins as their remembrance, we need to took a photo with them . Time is really memorable that we cannot bring back the past. We enjoyed to captured the Moment.


Wengss said...

wow merry christmas to your family Fe.
Nice to see your twin boys with snowman. correct ka dyan, tama lang na you took pics para remembrance nila.
sarap ninyong tingnan.

happy new year na rin from my family here.

chubskulit said...

Cutononon man hehehehe. Kami dai nakagibo hehehe..

Thank you so much for the beautiful personalized card!

Wengss said...


nagbloghoping lang to see if may bago, . parang pareho yata tayo, minsan active magblog minsan hindi hehe, minsan tamad rin ako lalo nat walang topic sa masulat.
Hoy siyanga pala, i tried to open your other cannot be found..dinelete mo?

JanuskieZ said...

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chubskulit said...

Hi mads, kumusta na kamo dyan. Tolong taon na inaanak mo mads, soltero na hehehe... Nuarin ka maupdate here hehehe.

merlyn said...

hello maus, happy new year to you, wow ang ganda ng mga twins mo!

Wengss said...

hello Fe,
musta na..wala pa new update dito bz sa twin yata.
Family first yan ang tama.
take care olwiz

chubskulit said...

mads kumusta na kamo dyan?

v_sanjoaquin said...

Wowowoow!! nice to see your family photo. ang ganda tingnan!! they are so lucky to have you as their mother. censya na inaanak, wala pa gift ninang, utang muna