Thursday, November 5, 2009

Translia - Translation revolution!

After giving birth I need to prepare all the documents that required by my Social Security System (SSS). As a requirement for maternity benefit that I wanted to avail. Since I was in Germany all the documents provided from OB-Gyne and the Hospital was in Deutsch. We need to look for a registered German translator in order to be valid the said papers. English translation is very important as International language in order to understand each other. During the time in my Deutsch Sprache School I need to bring German- English dictionary just to understand what my teacher and classmate talking. Every words they said was unfamiliar to me and have different meaning. So what I did was I look for a name translation from German to English just to understand all. This name translation is the largest professional translator network. Just one click you can get the translation that you want to translate. Because this is free of registration and you dont need to pay until you be satisfied for their services.

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