Saturday, August 22, 2009

First time

First and fresh "kinder bed" they lying at their bed for the first moment.
The twins are ready to go home from hospital (picture at the hospital in my room)
First ride of the twins going home from the Hospital
First hour of the twins in our apartment

Now that I have my twins I understand what the meaning of a real Mother to the children. I never disappointed what I did to my mother as I honor her Motherhood for me and my siblings. She really deserved our respect love and support. Her greatfulness was one of the kind in the whole world.


Joops said...

Agree ako dyan mads...

naospital baga si juan, si mads mo ini... grabe so nerbyos ko!

vhingF said...


now lng ako uli naka dalaw eh...super busy din d2 sa work ...e2 pa sagli saglit na lng ..

amiable amy said...

yeyyyy...congrats mommy Faye...cute ng twins mo more baby pics soon

shydub said...

Tama ka diyam new mom, hirap ng pinagdaanan ng mga nanay natin to raise us, now that we are mothers already, ma pifeel na natin ang buhay ina.

Congrats uli sa twin mo mau, you did a great job carrying the twins for almost 9 months, ang bigat siguro nun. Now look at your bundles of joy, aren't they precious? your cute twins sleeps likean angel. You should get more sleep and rest mommy. you take care, hugs and kisses to your babies.

Clarissa said...

Congratulations to your new bundles of joy,Mommy Fe!!Feeling ko rin nanganak na ako!!^_^