Thursday, May 7, 2009

Im Back again

Im been not visiting you my friends here in my blog. Due to reasons that we are so busy for our apartment transfer. By the help of our friends we managed it smoothly. As of now we need to wait for our new kitchen just to seetle all the "chaos" everywhere in our house. My feeling is sad when we surrender the key for our old apartment which i consider my first home in Germany. I really miss the sounds of the car passingby the noise of the people going around the City. The activities around there which i saw directly in our windows. I hope i can cope up all the things here in our new home. See you Guys...thanks for your visit when im not around.


chubskulit said...

welcome back mads, ako man dai man nakakabloghop ta si john nagrarush kan papers nya with his online class..

Lindz said...

hi, just take it easy, hope you settle with your new home, good to ehar from you again.