Saturday, December 27, 2008

Let your mind Work

Me and my Husband working our Mind
We consider Sunday as a Family day we tend to invite Mütter to have her lunch every Sunday in our apartment i tried to cook the food that she like to eat that day. After lunch we have our session playing cubes , cards or tiles -the name of the game was Rummicub,this is our favorite next to the cubes. The rules for this game was simple each player have a tiles of 11. You can bring out your tiles if there is a total of 30 or more. It has four colors and 1 to 13 numbers you can combine the same numbers but not the same in colors, you can combine the same colors sequentially but not with other colors. (confusing ?!) . For eg ., you have 9 , 10 , 11 black tiles you can go out now and put some of your tiles that can be suited to other players and so on and so fort. You need to be observant to the numbers in the table so that you can bring all out your numbers. It's nice to learn a little bit of board game.

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