Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where our Tears come from?

Tears can be causes by happiness- Tears of JOY or by sadness Tears of Sorrow. But did you know where do our tears come from? There are tears in our eyes all the time, ever if we are not crying. Our eyes are being washed constantly they are bathed by a salty fluid we call tears. The tears come from tiny sacs, or tear glands, that are located in the outer corner of each eye.Everytime we blink, our eyelids bring down drops of tears from the tear glands. Our tears help to wash away dust and other foreign matter and to keep our eyes healthy.

It helps do other things too. They help keep the eyes from drying out. The amount of tears is so small collect in the corners of the eyes and flow out through special openings into your nose. But when we cry, our muscles in our eyelids tighten and squeeze the tear fluid ouf to the tear glands. Then the tears flow too fast to be drained away. So they spill over our eyelids and run down our cheeks. The same thing may happen if we laugh too heartily.

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